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Mirror Model by baxil Mirror Model by baxil
More of my artwork from last century that is finally getting some public exposure.

Meet Thea. She's a shapeshifter, so don't take this particular form as anything but arbitrary; for this shot she obligingly posed as a Nuboculus anthropomorphus*, the better to sexily hold things with. Why? Because the image was a visual pun. I put it up on a virtually unknown page on my site that was slated to one day become a mirror (Ha! Get it?) of the Dragon Code v2.0. What's visible in the mirror is a screenshot of the "Revised Dragon Code" page. Loaded up in Netscape 2.02. OOOOOOLDSCHOOOOOOOOOOL.

Explaining the "Dragon Code" in a paragraph or less is a formidable challenge, but here goes: Long, long ago, back in the days of the Internet's First Ones (or at any rate before Eternal September), someone came up with a way to densely encode social information for use in e-mail and Usenet signatures. ("What's Usenet?" Shut up and get off my lawn.) It was called the "Geek Code." Various online groups parodied/adapted it for their own uses, including the denizens of -- people who largely considered themselves to be dragons in spirit. ... Digression ends.

Anyway, the medium is inked pencil, scanned, digitally colored and digitally filtered to add ancient memories.

* Did you know that Baxil's dragon species has a taxonomic name? Nuboculus baxillus. It goes back over a decade to a short-lived amateur project to classify dragons into a proper family tree -- a noble but ultimately doomed effort. Some relics of the project live on, though.
Reikakuzan Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Student General Artist
I like it! ^^
Helaris Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
Very nice :D
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