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I use my DA account purely as an artwork gallery; after a decade of letting my visual art languish on a corner of my hard drive, I wanted a place I could put it as I dug it out.

I spend almost no time these days on visual arts -- which is not to say that my creative drive has disappeared.  I urge you to also check out:

* for fiction -- a mixture of long-form writing and short stories set in The Tomorrowlands Universe, an urban-fantasy alternate Earth
* for random (mostly nonfiction) textual bits
* for my accumulated miscellanea (including the Draconity FAQ, my Pacific Crest Trail retrospective, the collected archive of the world's most irregular webcomic, etc.)

Happy reading!

(UPDATE, 8/2012: I've been doing a lot of collecting here of awesome My Little Pony-related fanart.  Click the "Favorites" button above to see the best of the best, grouped into catchily-named categories. Editing my old post to keep the PSA above from going away.)
Skimmed back through my archives and realized I have enough actual artwork -- most of which I've never publically posted -- to justify setting up a small gallery.  These days almost all of my creative energy goes into the journal (, but I might as well put up some of the old stuff.  I'll drop the pictures in erratically as I remember and have time.

So.  Um.  Hi!  I am a dragon, a pagan, a writer, the maintainer of the Tomorrowlands Universe urban fantasy setting, an all-around nice guy ... and I'm spending way too much time on words for an art site.
I've got this account for the sole purpose of seeing DA content posted by my friends.  I have no intention of using it to post anything.

For content, please visit my website at or my livejournal,